Hope at Kilometer 45 (DVD)

In the Peruvian jungle Curandera Norma Panduro Navarro runs a small place called Clinica Naturista "Jose Torres Vasquez" located 45 km. from Iquitos. Here she helps people who are suffering from drug, alcohol addiction and other ailments.
Norma’s healing method is a combination of Ayahuasca ceremonies, diet adjustments, spiritual guidance and chanting. She has helped many people to come back to life. Bruno Castanetto Queija is one of them. When I met Bruno, he had spent two weeks at Norma's retreat and in that short time he was feeling great. Being a natural born story teller Bruno wanted to share his life story.

Senora Norma Panduro Navarro passed away on September 29th, 2007 in the Hospital Apoyo - Iquitos, Peru.


DVD Contents:
Bruno's Story 48 min.
Norma's Healing Center 9 min.
Ayahuasca Ceremony 9 min.

Hope at Kilometer 45 (DVD)
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